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Online Music Store out of Perth, Western Australia Musician (n) "player of music for love, kicks and (sometimes) money" Universe (n) "the collection of all known objects" OK, we might not stock all known objects, but we come pretty close. Think of Musician’s Universe as a drum shop, keyboard store, hangout for guitar heroes, house of recording technology and one-stop music accessories shop. All our staff are musos, and there’s always someone around to talk to or email you about electric guitars, acoustic guitars, amplifiers and effects, keyboards, percussion and everything tech. So whatever you play and however you play it in Perth, WA and now Australia (that’s right - buy it online and we’ll ship it to you), at least you know the Universe is looking after you. Check out our online music store, or visit us in person at our Cannington and Rockingham stores in Perth, Western Australia - pop in for a chat, handle the merchandise and pick our brains for the best deals and brands, including: Amplifiers - Marshall Amplifiers – VOX Amplifiers – Yamaha Amplifiers – Randall Amplifiers – Tube Amplifiers – EMG Pickups Electric and Acoustic Guitars - Gibson Guitars – Ebanez Guitars – Yamaha Guitars – ESP Guitars – Washburns Guitars Microphones - Sure Microphones - Wireless Microphones – Condensor Microphones - Microphone stands Feel free to email us with questions about our products or your online purchase. We like questions and we love talking music, so don’t be shy.


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